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River Bank Primary believes that children benefit from physical activity, sport and play and that these are essential to fulfilling educational and personal potential. We believe that active involvement in PE, sport and physical activity raises standards and addresses issues such as health and well-being, confidence and self-esteem.

Our Approach to the Curriculum

  • We  offer a broad-balanced curriculum based on the most recent and relevant research relating to primary education, with a strong emphasis on physical activity, health and well-being. Our curriculum is motivational, inspirational and enjoyable and  relates to the needs and interests of our children

  • We  build on the most effective features of high quality Early Years learning and provide children with the core skills needed to unlock their potential. Pupils gain the knowledge, skills and understanding they require to secure both educational and personal achievement

  • We recognise that English and Maths are fundamental to success. They underpin the learning, understanding and application of skills and knowledge in other curriculum areas and empowering children in their learning

  • We will improve the life chances and raise the aspirations of our pupils by setting high expectations and by putting learning into a context that is meaningful and enjoyable