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The Importance of Regular Attendance

We firmly believe that good attendance is of paramount importance if children are to fulfil their potential and make the most of the educational opportunities available to them. All children have the right to a stimulating, enjoyable and high quality full-time education, regardless of age, aptitude, ability, gender and cultural background.

Irregular attendance can seriously disrupt continuity of learning, undermine educational progress, can lead to underachievement and low attainment, and impedes the children’s ability to develop friendship groups within the school. We expect all children to attend school at all times and firmly believe that this is fundamental to developing a love for learning, and achieving the high academic standards expected of them.

Working with staff, parents and the pupils themselves, we will ensure that everyone is fully aware both of the policies and procedures related to attendance, and of our school's commitment to ensuring that all pupils attend on a regular basis.

River Bank Primary will raise and maintain levels of attendance by providing pupils with a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience where they will want to come to school to learn and where they will feel safe, secure and valued.

We will celebrate and reward pupils’ successes and achievements and ensure that attendance is monitored effectively, with reasons for absence recorded promptly and consistently. We will set high expectations of our pupils to be positive role models within the school and to maximise the educational opportunities available to them.

We will use Physical Education and a variety of sporting opportunities as a reward for pupils and an incentive for them to attend on a regular basis.

All parents will be expected to sign a copy of our Home School Agreement before their child starts with us – agreeing to work in partnership with the school and clearly outlining our respective roles and responsibilities.

Please click below to read our Home/School Agreement and Attendance  and Punctuality Policy.