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Year 3


Key Stage 2 pupils (years 3 to 6) are taught the full range of National Curriculum subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education.  We also teach Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education through our School Values. 

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Homework Grids 

Please see the Homework Grid below - Click to Enlarge

Knowledge Organisers 

Please click the icons below to view knowledge organisers for the current term.  These are produced each half-term and contain details of all the information that your child will need to know about the topic they are studying.  They have been produced for all subjects with the exception of English, maths, PE and Personal, Social and Health Education. 

Atom - Free education icons
 Science Autumn 2
Geography - Free education icons
Wragby Primary School - Religious Education
 RE Autumn 2
Temple - Free monuments icons
Design Technology | Kingsthorne Primary School
Free Icon | Computer
 Computing Autumn 2
Music - Free music icons
 Music Spring 1
France Flag Icon, Transparent France Flag.PNG Images & Vector - FreeIconsPNG
French Spring 2

Curriculum Plans and Maps 

Please see the Curriculum Plan below - Click to Enlarge